Sunday, February 26, 2012

Definite design in Congress defiance - Taking Election Commission for a ride

After Khurshid, Beni Prasad Verma
Definite design in Congress defiance
They take EC for electoral joy ride

Undoubtedly, there is a conscious and definite design in Congress defiance of the Election Commission (EC).

The EC announced the matter of defiance of its authority by the Law Minister Salman Khurshid  as closed following the latter’s regret. Hardly had the sound died down that another Union Minister Beni Prasad Verma took up the thread to adopt the same rebellious posture against the Model Code of Conduct by committing the same offence for which Mr. Khurshid was censured: promising a bounty of reservation to Muslims on religion basis.
Reading between the lines, it becomes amply clear that the whole exercise is being orchestrated with a clear-cut well-designed strategy towards a definite electoral end. Till the polling in his wife’s assembly constituency was over Mr. Khurshid was at his defiance best even after he was censored for violating the Model Code of Conduct. The cause was so great, dear and sacred for him that Mr. Khurshid was too willing to attain martyrdom with a smile on his face declaring that he will continue with his crusade “even if they (EC) hang him”. The EC censured Khurshid. When defiance continued, EC complained to the President about Khurshid’s conduct and the President referred to matter to the Prime Minister who kept his cool and silence as usual. When the matter came to a boil and after the polling in his wife’s constituency was over the defiant Khurshid prostrated before the EC saying he had full respect for this institution of the Constitution and apologized. The EC too responded graciously and pardoned the fallen guy.

Now Union Steel Minister Beni Prasad Verma donned the Khurshid mantle to attain martyrdom for the same cause of appealing to the electoral constituency on communal lines promising reservation to Muslims on religion basis because polling in his area had as yet to take place. He too became as defiant and valiant as was his colleague Khurshid. The same story was likely to be repeated. After receipt of his explanation Mr. Verma would too be censured. In the meantime, polling in his area would be over. Then there would be left no electoral justification for continuing that crusade. He too would reiterate his unqualified respect for the EC, prostrate before it and seek apology which would be granted readily and generously. The matter would end there and then with both EC and Mr. Verma declaring the chapter closed. It will be a happy ending, like any Indian film where after all the gruesome chase, violence and drama the story ends with both the warring families expressing regrets, embracing each other and the film hero-heroine waving triumphantly in ecstasy. But here, in the end, the EC will end up as a villain who had harassed ‘innocent’ politicians for no fault of theirs.

If political parties are taking EC for an electoral joy ride for pleasure, it alone is to be blamed. Politicians know nobody is going to crucify them for their heinous crime of polluting the holy Ganges of election which is the very lifeline of our democracy. The election watchdog does howl and growl at aggressors into its territory of law and order but it has failed to grievously bite deep into the flesh of any intruder to foil the attempt and intent of others to follow.

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