Friday, May 18, 2012

NEWS FOR US (May 18, 2012)

(May 18, 2012)

हिन्‍दी में
दैनिक भासकर से
पृष्‍ठ 6:  जीने की राह   दांपत्‍य जीवन वृक्ष की तरह जितना ऊपर बढ़ेगा जड़ें
                     गहरी होंगी
पृष्‍ठ 7:   कहां से आया आर्थिक संकट
          इससे तो लोकतन्‍त्र के कदम पीछे मुड़ जायेंगे
दैनिक ट्रिब्‍यून से  पृष्‍ठ 8 आथिर्क उथल-पुथल से मंदी की आहट (निरंकार सिंह)    
                      बीडी शर्मा: आदिवासियों के मसीहा
In English
The Hindu

Front page"     News headline: Slain terrorist Merah planned to attack
                           Indian Embassy in Paris

PAGE 9               Child artist Taruni cremated
Page 10                EDITORIAL:         Facing up to rape
                             Lead article:   Keeping INdia safe in cyberspace
Page 11(Op-ed)    Cartoon          Schooled in sanctimony
                           controversy      Lesson for life
                             Reshaping Islam for the modern age
                             From Russia, no love
The Economic Times:
Page 18:               You Can Reduce Your Fuel Bill, the Sensible Way

Page 9        Making Parliament meaningful              (Seem Mustafa)       (
The Times of India
Page 19        Good cholesterol doesn't lower heart attack risk?
                   Popular antibiotic is bad for heart, may lead to death
                   'Everyone above 50 must take statins regularly'
Page 21        Airtel cuts 3G tariff, others may follow


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