Saturday, September 15, 2012

In lighter vein --When a man bites a dog

 In lighter vein
When a man bites a dog

Most politicians in the country envy the lot of the Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh, popularly known as Diggy Raja. He is always in the news, in the centre of the news, surrounded by news.

He is the person who creates news. He is the cynosure of the media – print, electronic and even the foreign media. They cannot afford to ignore him when he opens his mouth. He is like a pond of water in the dessert of news. Media looks up to him for a shower of news when there is drought of news all around.

He knows the knack of making news, creating news. He seems to have understood the basic principle of news reporters when they look for news. If a dog bites a man, it is no news but if a man bites a dog it is.

Understood the secret of his success?   

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