Thursday, January 16, 2014

SATIRE A sting on her moral character

A sting on her moral character

Son:            Father.

Father:       Yes, my son.

Son:            Aam Aadmi Party is emerging as a really great political
                   organization with honesty and transparency as its hallmark.

Father:       Yes, my son. This party never comprises on principles.

Son             AAP chief and Delhi CM has taken a very principled stand on the
                   adverse judgement of a court on his Law Minister.

Father:       What's that son? I don't know.

Son:            A CBI judge had indicted the conduct of the Law Minister when as a                      lawyer he was defending an employee charged with graft. Law 
                   Minister explained his case to the CM who has held that "the court's
                   observations were wrong…A sting operation has been called
                   tampering of evidence."  

Father:       What is bad in it? Sting operations are order of the day. Even
                   courts have given credence to such operations.

Son:            Father, I am too much impressed by the acumen of this great legal
                   eagle. I am greatly moved by the stand. It has also given me a very
                   useful tip to prove my innocence — an advice my own lawyer
                   would not have given me at a hefty fee.

Father:       What advice?

Son:            You know, I am facing a very serious charge of assaulting a

Father:       Yes, I know. That's very shameful. We are all very upset at it.
Son:            Cheer up, father, cheer up. I shall now be honourably acquitted by
                   the court.

Father:       What will you do?

Son:            I will tell the court that people waged tongues about my victim    
                   that she was a woman of easy virtue. I wanted to prove them
                   wrong. So I conducted a sting operation not for a negative design
                   to expose an honest person as corrupt but with a pious wish to tell
                   the world that she is a woman of virtue. With tears in my eyes I
                   would beg of the custodian of law and justice not to misconstrue
                   as crime a sting operation with an innocent intention to prove
                   the integrity and chastity of a woman. It will be miscarriage of
justice, I will plead. Nobody will, I will warn, then take the risk, as I did, to prove a woman pure and pious.   I will claim that I did not — and had no intention to — assault her. I had no bad intentions on her. Today I can vouchsafe with conviction that she is a lady pure and simple. Otherwise, she would have succumbed to my flirtatious behavior.

Father:       Will the court believe you?

Son:            Father, when a highly honest and moral Kejriwal could feel
convinced by his lawyer Law Minister and certify that there is nothing bad in a sting operation, I too did it in innocence with honest intentions. How will the court not accept my defence?

Father:       I am too ignorant to say anything. Ask them, my son.                     ***                                                                                            

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