Saturday, August 11, 2012

News/Views for us – August 11, 2012

News/Views for us
August 11, 2012

The Indian Express

News (front page)     "Anna quoted Gandhi, asked team to delay politics"

Op-ed page(15)          The Kiss of Socialism – article by Surjit S. Bhalla
                                    A house for democracy – article by P. D. T. Achary.

The Times of India

THE TIMES OF IDEAS  Shaping Tomorrow's Politics – Article by Chetan Bhagat
(Edit page 18)             The Three Faces of America –  Article by Gautam Adhikari.

The Economic Times

Edit page (8)               Why Our Democracy Can't Live Without Corruption
                                                – Art. by Praveen S. Thampi

                                    Why Advani is wrong on Assam –  Art. by Abheek Barman.

Comment Page 8       It's a battle for the middle classes – Art. by Manoj Joshi
                                    4 medals out of 1.2 bn people is just too few – Art. by Sandeep Bamzai

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