Monday, April 16, 2012

Hasya-vyang: Manas Pati-Patni v varmala मानस पति-पत्नि व वरमाला

मानस पति-पत्नि व  वरमाला
एक पुरूष व एक महिला बुद्धीजीवी गहन दार्शनिक चर्चा में लीन होकर विचारों का आदान-प्रदान कर रहे थे। पुरूष बोला, ‘’मैं तो महान्‍ विचारक अरस्‍तू से बहुत प्रभावित हूं और अपने आपको उनका मानस पुत्र समझता हूं’’।
’’बहुत अच्‍छी बात है’’, महिला बोली।
‘’मैं तुम्‍हारे भी आचार-व्‍यवहार व विचारों से भी बहुत प्रभावित हूं’’, पुरूष ने आगे कहा।
महिला ने मुस्‍कराते, शर्माते हुये कहा, ‘‘धन्‍यवाद, मेरे चरित्र को आंकने-परखने के लिये।’’
’’मैं आपको अपनी मानस पत्नि मानता हूं’’, पुरूष ने गर्व से बात आगे बढ़ाई।
सुनते ही महिला ने सैंडल उतारा। ‘’यह क्‍या कर रही हो?’’ पुरूष ने घबराते हुये पूछा।
‘’फिलहाल तो बस एक मानस पुष्‍प ही भेंट कर रही हूं। शुभ दिन व महूर्त निकलवा कर बैंड-बाजे के साथ स्‍वयं चुने हुये मानस पुष्‍पों की अपने हाथ से पिरोई वरमाला सब के सामने पहनाऊंगी’’।

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rahul says: I'm a Brahmin". A GREAT NEWS

Sat, Apr 14, 2012 | Updated 12:04PM IST       Wor 
Rahul Gandhi to party: I'm a Brahmin and party General Secretary


NEW DELHI: Post Congress's poor show in UP, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi seems to be brainstorming hard to come up with a revival plan for the party.
After the grand old party failed to woo voters with its pro-Dalit, pro-Muslim rhetoric, it is now looking towards its upper-caste vote bank.
Things seem to be taking a ridiculous turn however when the upper caste/Brahmin argument was invoked by a local UP leader saw Congress leader Rahul Gandhi rebutting the claim by remarking "I am a Brahmin...and general secretary in the party."
The above story carried in various newspapers and websites today is surely a great news. At the same time, it adds to the mystery. His mother Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has so far stood her ground not to disclose her own religion. But by claiming that he is a "Brahmin" Mr. Rahul Gandhi has declared himself to be a Hindu by religion and, above all, taken pride in belonging to this high caste. At the same time, his younger sister continues to be a Christian. She has married at Christian and became Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi Vadara. In other words, his statement gives the Gandhi family a cosmopolitan, multi-religious entity.
Although his father, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and his grandmother, Mrs. Indira Gandhi were cremated according to Hindu rites, there is still no certainty as to whether they actually were Hindus or not.
Certainly, Mr. Rahul Gandhi's claim has given a new twist to the mystery. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Who's to be blamed for Congress debacle in UP?

Who's to be blamed for Congress debacle in UP?

Courtesy: MAIL TODAY

Since the day results of UP assembly elections were out on March 6, 2012 everybody was groping in the dark as to who was responsible for the Congress debacle although Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi, Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and daughter  Priyanka Gandhi Vadra did their best to recapture the Congress fort lost to various opposition parties 22 years back. Both Mrs. Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi were bold to accept the verdict but declined to own responsibility.
Last week, Rahul Gandhi had a two-day brainstorming session with all the party candidates successful and defeated as well as the State and national leaders, including Union ministers. Nobody was sure as to who was responsible. There is no word out that even the candidates who have won have attributed their success to the mother-son duo. All we heard was that the party had so far seen Rahul's soft nature and they were now in for shack to come face to face with a hard task master. He even threatened that strict action will be taken against those responsible.
But the MAIL TODAY  cartoon by R. Prasad today has cleared all clouds of doubt. He has clearly indicated who is responsible. Our thanks to the cartoonist. I think the skin of most of the leaders will now be saved.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

हास्य-व्यंग: उनसे ही पूछ पिता चाहते तो आरुषि हत्या की जांच भी न होती?

हास्य-व्यंग: उनसे ही पूछ  
पिता चाहते तो आरुषि हत्या की जांच भी न होती?

बेटा:   पिताजी।
पिता:  हाँ बेटा।
बेटा:   हमारे सेनाध्यक्ष जनरल सिंह ने हमारे रक्षा मंत्री श्री एंटनी को बताया था कि एक मामले में एक व्यक्ति ने उन्हें 14 करोड़ रुपए की घूँस देने की पेशकश की थी।
पिता:  यह तो बेटा बड़े शर्म की बात है। हमारी सेना पर हमें नाज़ है। यहाँ पहले ऐसा कभी नहीं होता था।
बेटा:   पर यह तो हमारे कानून के अनुसार अपराध नहीं है?
पिता:  बिलकुल है बेटा। घोर अपराध।
बेटा:   फिर श्री एंटनी ने उस पर कोई कार्यवाही क्यों नहीं की?
पिता:  बेटा, इसलिए कि एंटनी साहिब ने बताया है कि जनरल साहिब स्वयं इस पर कार्यवाही नहीं चाहते थे।
बेटा:   पर पिताजी यह तो अपराध का मामला था और उस पर तो कार्यवाही करने या न करने का उन्हें कोई ऐच्छिक अधिकार नहीं होना चाहिए था।
पिता:  पर बेटा एंटनी साहिब कहते है कि जनरल साहिब कार्यवाही नहीं चाहते थे।
बेटा:   अगर आरुषि के पिता भी चाहते कि उनकी बेटी की हत्या के अपराध पर भी कोई कार्यवाही न की जाए तो क्या पुलिस उस अपराध के मामले को भी वहीं ठप्प कर देती?
पिता:  बेटा, यह मुझे नहीं मालूम। तू उनसे ही पूछ।