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Saturday, December 8, 2012



"Run, Hillary, run" is the majority choice and voice of the people of United States of America (USA) for the 2016 presidential election. According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll. (’s-2016-election-people’s-choice?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ItvNewsIndia+(Itvnewsindia) 65 year-old Clinton's popularity at an all-time high, and that 57 % of Americans want her to run for the White House.
"Among all women, 66 % say they would support Clinton as a candidate for president in 2016; it is 75 % among those under 50 and 54 % among those aged 50 and up.
49 % of men back a Clinton bid, regardless of what side of 50 they are on. Support for a Clinton candidacy is high among both Democratic men and women (80 and 84 percent, respectively).
Republicans are far less supportive of a presidential bid from the former first lady: in the poll, 23 % of Republicans would support a run in 2016; 73 % would oppose it. Some 82 % of Democrats would back her candidacy, with most saying they would do so "strongly".
A majority of independents, 59 per cent, also support another Clinton run. Some of this support stems from her high overall popularity--- 66 % of all Americans express favourable views of the soon-to-be-former Secretary of State, the most doing so in more than 20 years of polling.
Fully 68 % approve of the way she is handling her current job, as top diplomat. On both scores, personal popularity and job performance, Democrats are overwhelmingly supportive of the long-time party leader, as are around two-thirds of independents.
Even sizable numbers of Republicans are on board here, particularly when it comes to rating how she is doing as secretary of state: 40 % approve and 50 % disapprove. At 66 % favourable, Clinton is as high as she has ever been in terms of public perceptions.

The survey ignited intense new speculation about Clinton's future after she steps down as the nation's top diplomat early next year. She has said she wants to rest after four years heading the State Department, and visiting more than 100 countries, but key Democrats expect her to take a serious look at running for the White House." 

She deserves the best

Mrs. Clinton has all these years been the darling of the US people for her poise, performance and conduct. She has always risen to the occasion whenever it demands.

At the height of her husband's Lewinski affair and the impeachment proceedings against him, she stood by him like a rock. Any other woman in these circumstances would have thought of none other than seeking a divorce and splitting the family. But with her foresight and cool, she saved the family. This has only raised her high in the esteem not only of her people but of the world over.

She did run for the nomination of her Democratic Party to contest the presidential election 2008. She did campaign for herself but when she visualized that the party opinion was overwhelmingly in favour of Barak Obama, she gracefully bowed out. She and her husband turned out to be Obama's best supporters. They campaigned for Obama win as they should have done if Hillary was the candidate.

President Obama too proved equally gracious. He gave his one-time rival the topmost position he could give: He made her the Secretary of State. a post that needed not only a person of intelligence, foresight and vision but also his utmost confidence. She proved true to the confidence reposed in her by the President. In her dealings with foreign countries, she kept the interests of the nation and of the President at the top. That earned her the praise of the President and applaud of the nation.

She certainly deserves all the best – to be the first-ever woman President of her country. She will certainly make a name for herself and for the nation.