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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Satire: Soniaji-Rahulji not responsible

Ask them, son!


Son:            Father.
Father:      Yes, my son.
Son:            Congress lost UP election very miserably.
Father:       That’s very unfortunate, my son.
Son:            Rahul says not he but the party fundamentals and poor
                   organization are responsible for this rout.
Father:       True.
Son:            Soniaji also says Rahulji is not at fault but the poor organization
                   and wrong selection of candidates are the culprits.
Father:       That’s also true, son.
Son:            Who finally selects the candidates?
Father:       Of course, the Congress high command.
Son:            That means Rahulji and Soniaji.
Father:       Rightly so. Who else can?
Son:            Whose duty and prerogative is to tone up the organization and
                    make its fundamentals strong?
Father:       Rahulji and Soniaji only who is president. No other can.
Son:            Then, how are they not responsible for the ugly debacle?
Father:       I don’t know. Ask them, my son.