Sunday, August 12, 2012

News/Views August 12, 2012

News/Views August 12, 2012

the pioneer
Sunday Magazine       Goodbye Anna
Agenda (Page 1)                               Art. by S. Nihal Singh

The Sunday Statesman

Edit page (6)                 Privilege to Punish
                                        Art. by Nirmalendu Bikash Rakshit

Political Diary (7)                             Ramdev must review strategy
                                                            By Kalyani Shankar.

SUNDAY Hindustan times

THE BIG STORY Page 11             Will the real Mr. Kejriwal Please Stand up?

THINK (Page 13)                             MOTHER MARY

The Sunday Express

Idea Exchange Page 10                    'The strength of this government is not its
(with Arun Jaitley)                            performance, but its ability to manipulate the
'political class'

Page 11
Out of my mind                               Not so fast
by Meghnad Desai

Fifth Column                                     Sonia Speaks
Tavleen Singh


Page 5                                                            Free India Un-free India Inc

Page 8                                                            GoI: Ambassador of Business Gridlock


INSIDE STORY                              Out of the SHADOWS
Page 24                                              The Congress has finally decided to play its trump
                                                            card Priyanka Gandhi

  दैनिक भास्‍कर Sunday

पृष्‍ठ 1               अमेरीकी गुरूदवारे में कालेका ने लिखा
                    साहस का ग्रंथ

नया इण्डिया
 रविवार खास  
पृष्‍ठ 7               मनरेगा पर उठे हैं गम्‍भीर सवाल

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