Sunday, March 30, 2014

SATIRE Chivalrous Kejriwal can fight Corruption and Elections anywhere in the Universe

Chivalrous Kejriwal can fight Corruption and Elections anywhere in the Universe

Son:            Father.
Father:       Yes, my son.
Son:            I am greatly impressed by Kejriwal's chivalrous daring. I have
 turned a great fan of him.

Father:       I agree, son. He is a great man of the present decade, chivalrous, fearless.
Son:            You know father, he defeated the invincible Mrs. Sheila Dikshit who had scored a hat-trick in last election.
Father:       That was a great feat. That has enhanced his prestige and power. It has made him more daring and dashing.
Son:            That is why he has now declared that he would challenge BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi from wherever he contests.
Father:       That is a sign of the confidence he has gained touring different parts of the country.
Son             Father, is Kejriwal in the ruling party or the opposition?
Father:       He is very much an important pillar of the opposition. He has many times declared that he is deadly against the 'corrupt' Congress and is a great warrior against corruption.
Son:            In that case father, we should have seen him fighting against the Congress in the election. Why doesn't he challenge the so far invincible Rahul and Sonia Gandhi? Is he afraid of them?
Father:       No son. That's not like Kejriwal. He is fearful of none.
Son:            Then why?
Father:       Son, Mr. Kejriwal may be a politician, yet he is a human being, a kind hearted man. You know, it is the mother-son duo who made him the Delhi CM. He could never without their support. Son, personal obligations too matter in politics.
Son:            Father, that means he is on the right side of Congress.
Father:       No, son. It is the intricacy of politics which we mortals are unable to understand. In politics, the reality is always not what you see.
Son:            Father, Modi is likely to contest both from Varanasi in UP and one seat in Gujarat.
Father:       He will challenge Modi from wherever he stands.
Son:            But this daring may one day provoke him to challenge the World Wrestling champions we see in electronic channels.
Father        No son, he's not that immature; he knows his own physical strength and prowess.
Son:            Will he win in both constituencies against Modi?
Father:       Son, his self-confidence is on the top of the world. He fought his life's first election and won. Therefore, he is very optimistic. And then he is not fighting the election to lose.
Son:            In that way, he can next challenge President Obama.
Father:       He can, son. USA too is a great democracy like us. And AAP has its followers and sympathizers there also.
Son:            And then, what further? Will he stop at that?
Father:       No son, he is unstoppable. He'll move high and high in pursuit of eradication of corruption through elections all over the world.
Son:            In that case, he can march on to the Moon and the Mars if there are elections?

Father:       This you inquire of him only, my son.                                      ***

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