Thursday, December 20, 2012

Satire: Chidambaram discovers Congress victory in defeat

Chidambaram discovers Congress victory in defeat

Son:                   Father!
Father:             Yes, my son.
Son:                   Home Minister P. Chidambaram has perceived
victory in Congress defeat in Gujarat and Himachal assembly elections.

Father:             Yes, my son. He is a very erudite gentleman.

Son:                   But father, Congress has miserably lost in Gujarat.

Father:             My son, Congress won in Himachal and Chidambaram claims that it succeeded   
                            in preventing BJP to even touch the figure of 117     
                            Modi won in 2007.

Son:                   Does that mean Congress won in Gujarat?

Father:             My son, these are the higher things of politics
                            which we ordinary people fail to understand.

Son:                   In that case BJP too can claim it has won in

Father:             How?

Son:                   In 2007 in Himachal BJP had returned to power with 42 seats and in 2003 Congress had won 43 seats. This time Congress has won just 36.  By the Chidambaram logic BJP too can claim it is Congress defeat and BJP victory.

Father:             These are matter of higher political punditry, my
son. Ask, Chidambaramji.

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