Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Genius in late Harshad Mehta

The Genius in late Harshad Mehta

The late Harshad Mehta, notorious for the securities scam of 90s, may have done much wrong or right, that is a matter of discussion, but he certainly was a brainy man with a sharp intellect and presence of mind to act and react. That is why as a person who started his career as a petty clerk drawing a salary of `500 could make so much fortune.

I recall his performance in a programme for young boys relayed live by a TV channel. A boy from the audience stood up and said, "Uncle, you are a great financial wizard. You are known to multiply money. I give you `100 and you make it `200?"

Mehta smiled and said, "Yes, but I don't work for free. I seek my own share. Can you give me 50%?"

"Yes", sportingly replied the boy.

He took the `100 note from the boy and then returned the same back to him. I have made 200 and this is your share; I have retained my share of 100".

Everybody present clapped.                                                                         ***

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