Wednesday, January 21, 2015


TIMES NOW Debate: KiranVsKejriwal

By Amba Charan Vashishth

The yesterday (20 January, 2015) Newshour Debate on Times Now was interesting and lively. But many important points seem to have drowned in the din of the debaters speaking to each other.
A point was made that Kiran Bedi should have taken on Kejriwal from New Delhi constituency against Kejriwal. Although Ajay Maken is contesting against Kejriwal, yet he has not been projected as Congress chief ministerial candidate. Why? Is it her opponents or the media to decide it? It is for her and the Party to decide from where she should fight the election.
If one were to go by the arguments of the anchor and the participants, they wish to throw a new tradition in our democracy where the chief (or prime) ministerial candidates should be made to fight each other in one constituency. This has never happened in a parliamentary democracy, neither in UK nor in USA. The only difference in USA is that there is a direct contest between the contestants, there being only two parties in the fray. But in India we have a few hundred parties and each will declare its own chief ministerial candidate.
Then who will decide the name of the constituency from where all the chief ministerial candidates should fight each other?
In the past no chief (or prime) ministerial candidate has chosen to challenge his rival from the same constituency. The only exception is Kejriwal who contested from Varanasi against Modi. But he was a self-propelled (and to an extent Media) prime ministerial candidate. The results have shown how laughable was his claim. Further, Modi was fighting from Vadodra in Gujarat also. Why did Kejriwal not contest from there?
In the past neither Indira Gandhi, nor Manmohan Singh contested against their prime ministerial probables in the opposition. In 2009 elections Dr. Manmohan Singh did not challenge to contest against L. K. Advani. This time too though Congress and media made it as Modi Vs Rahul contest, Rahul or his mother did not fight elections against Modi in either of the two seats. Then, why this so much hulla-bulla in the case of Kiran Bedi?

It was alleged that Kiran Bedi had been made to contest from a safe seat for BJP. Does that mean that even before the nominations have been filed, both AAP and Congress have accepted their defeat from Krishnanagar?


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