Sunday, November 15, 2015


A news in today's (November 16, 2015) THE STATESMAN  headlined "Hindu outfit announces bounty to get writer's tongue for PM barb" has left me puzzled as to who is tolerant and who not?
An Indian-origin British writer Aneesh Kapoor has called PM Narendra Modi a Talibani and used objectionable words against Lord Vishnu.
On the other hand, Rashtriya Hindu Kranti Dal has announced a reward of Rs. 21 lakh to the one who would slit the writer's tongue for these barbs.
We may dismiss the words of the writer as his right to freedom of thought and expression. But the Hindu outfit too may claim its anger as its own right to freedom of retort as freedom of opinion and thought. The other part of the outfit announcing a reward does make an offence.
Similar is the case with the celebration of Nathuram Gods's birth. He was hanged for the heinous crime of unfortunate killing of Mahatma Gandhi more than 50 years back. He got the punishment he deserved. But has his family not the right to celebrate his birthday?
On the other hand, Congress has taken offence at celebration of Godse's birthday.

Can somebody guide an ignoramus person like me as to which of the two persons/organizations is displaying their "sense of tolerance"? Does the writer has a right to use the words he used to offend the sentiments of Hindus?

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