Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Panacea for innocence: Harish Rawat style

Today's Take (May 25)

Panacea for innocence: Harish Rawat style

 It is but natural that Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat should feel uneasy over the prick of an investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) over the allegged sting operation in which he is allegedly shown to be promising money to MLAs for supporting him in the vote of confidence in the Assembly. Now that he has won the vote and is back in chair, the CBI questioning him in connection with the sting operation adds to his uneasiness. On May 24 he is reported to have been quizzed by the CBI in Delhi for about five hours. There are reports that he may be called once again for interrogation.

What transpired during investigation is not known, but reports of his being summoned again give a clear indication that Rawat is not out of woods for the moment. That seems to be the cause of his frustration when he threatened PM Narendra Modi saying "Sometimes even an ant can trouble an elephant". But such diatribes do not amount to anyone's innocence. Rawat needs to understand that no chief minister is above law. A floor test on the floor of the legislature can enthrone or dethrone an individual as chief minister but it cannot be a verdict on a crime he/she may or may not have committed. His innocence can be proved only during investigation or in a court trial.

He also needs to understand that if the CBI probe stings him, the sting irritates the eyes of the common man who saw it on the news channels. The people and the representatives of the people had not chosen him for what he is alleged to have been shown in the sting. Let the truth come out and Rawat can certainly help in this matter.

Delhi Power Shortage
Bold Words no Substitute for Action

Cornered by both the opposition groups, BJP and Congress, over the deteriorating power situation in Delhi at a time when the day temperatures are touching new high and June is still a week ahead, the Delhi Chief Minister  Arvind Kejriwal decided to go bold. In a stern warning to the private power distribution companies to address the problem of outages saying government will not hesitate to cancel their licences if they fail to comply with the directive. So far, so good.

But the warning is not the solution. This could be the panacea if the Kejriwal government was sure and convinced that the power companies were the culprit and they had ample power to distribute to meet the everyday growing demand in this summer season. On the face of it, it is not the companies who appear to be the only deliberate villain.

But has the Kejriwal government an emergency and alternative in position. In case the companies fail to come up to the expectation of the government and the people and Kejriwal proves true to his threat and cancels the licences, will the situation improve on its own, automatically? Will the national capital not be pushed to a state of darkness and misery in this burning hot season? No government agency or a new company can instantly come into operation the moment licences of old companies are cancelled.

Provoking to name a Toilet after Rahul

Congress is not used to taking things lying down. Only the other day actor Rishi Kapoor questioned why innumerable public institutions have been named after Gandhi-Nehru family. Baap ka maal samajh rakha tha? (Did they consider it their father's property?), tweeted the actor.

As a matter of fact, Congress has no convincing explanation. Former prime ministers Lal Bahadur Shastri, P. V. Narasimha Rao, former Presidents, Sardar Patel and many others have been pushed to oblivion.

But Congress workers did not let the things to rest at that. In Allahabad some Congress enthusiasts went to the extent of retorting by 'naming' a Sulabh public toilet after the actor Rishi Kapoor. They hung a poster "Rishi Kapoor" naming it as such.

So far, Congress party has not come out with its reaction on the action. But has the Congress not given its detractors the handle and provocation to name similar places by Rahul and Gandhi-Nehru family? Will it then come out with a sporting and smiling reaction?                                                                            ***

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